Accountability Listserv

The California Department of Education (CDE) Academic Accountability Unit will use this Listserv to notify local educational agencies (LEAs) of information and updates regarding the California School Dashboard (Dashboard).

The Accountability Listserv is divided into two groups: SECURE and GENERAL. Both Listserv groups will receive updates, program changes, and general accountability information.

The SECURE Listserv also will receive notifications with passwords to preview embargoed data. Only two persons per LEA or direct-funded charter school, designated by the superintendent, may sign up for the SECURE Listserv.

The GENERAL Listserv is open to all interested parties.

To sign up for the Accountability Listserv, select the group for which you are eligible.

For questions related to the Dashboard or Listserv signup, contact the CDE Academic Accountability Unit by phone at 916-319-0863 or by e-mail at